Video Consultations

Video Consultations

We are all having to adapt our lives and habits at the moment in order to beat COVID-19.

The presence of this virus doesn't mean that people will stop suffering with musculoskeletal problems though!

If you are in the 'at risk group' you may not be able to, or feel safe to, attend the clinic.

To ensure you can get the help you need, Camberley Chiropractic Clinic is offering Video Consultations.

These consults are easy to set up, last up to 30 minutes and will cost £40.

Follow up appointments will last 15 minutes and will cost £20.


They include:

A thorough conversation about your injury history.

Physical tests that you will be guided through.

Bespoke exercise plan that will be emailed over to you with video guidance. 

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Robert Green

"I was sceptical at first about video sessions but thought I would give it a try as my condition had been ongoing for three weeks. I thought that it would solve itself in the short term and the body would return to its normal self for a 70 year old. My scepticism was more to do with not having physical attention to the problem I was suffering with.

To say I am impressed with developments over one week is an understatement and it just goes to show how having the correct information and guidance can make a lot of things happen quicker. Also understanding a problem I have always found that in the long term benefits the recipient.

The video consults do make it more convenient for both party’s and I am sure this type of consultation will become more popular in time."






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