About Yoga

In a typical class, we would normally start with a breathing exercise to focus the mind and body, followed by a gentle yoga warm up which includes movement of the back, neck, shoulders and ankles. Afterwards we continue to prepare and warm the body with a slightly faster paced series on movements called sun salutations at a controlled pace.  We use gentle flexion, extension, side flexions and rotations of the spine as part of the warm up.  Next, we explore different standing strength and balancing postures followed by some seated and lying down stretches and postures.  We finish with relaxation, guided relaxation or meditation.  

Plenty of options are given throughout the practice to accommodate different needs.  All sessions are friendly and relaxed.  You are free to take breaks or come out of postures whenever you need. Alternative postures will always be given.

Having said that, those with mobility issues or specific injuries may benefit from a specially design session that omits certain postures completely from the practice. 

During the yoga session with Kat you will learn to move your body safely and with control, building strength in the body and core, improving balance, posture and flexibility.  You will also leave feeling calmer and relaxed.

Check out our class timetable to plan your visit. We look forward to welcoming you soon! 

Kat Holland - Yoga Instructor

Kat is a Yoga Alliance Qualified Instructor who has been teaching yoga since she qualified in 2012. She discovered yoga whilst studying at drama school and immediately started benefitting from the practice in both body and mind.  She found she was able to manage her stage fright with the breathing techniques and realised the importance of looking after her body maintaining strength and flexibility. Teaching Yoga was a very natural progression for her as she was already practicing yoga on a daily basis.  Kat believes that no one should have to live in constant pain and is always delighted when students tell her about their improved mobility and flexibility.  Often with some of the stretches particularly hip openers, the relief from conditions such as sciatica is instant. 

She is absolutely delighted to be part of the CCC team and can’t wait to meet you!