RISE to a healthier you

RISE with Camberley Chiropractic Clinic

There are many acronyms a majority of us are familiar with, for example, most of us know that RICE stands for Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation from our PE lessons at school.

However, the Camberley Chiropractic Clinic team have come up with a new method of treatment to progress you along your road to recovery.

RISE comprises four elements which take you from initial assessment to the overall goal of not just getting you back to where you were prior to your injury, but in a better overall level of health through the Clinic’s extensive range of services.

So, what does RISE stand for?


Good health is a combination of body function, nutritional balance, emotional balance and managing stress. Everyday things can cause the joints to lose their normal motion.

This sets off a chain reaction which can affect the spine, nerves, muscles and soft tissues resulting in stiffness and pain.

This is why restoring function is the focus in phase one in order to reduce the inflammation and tissue damage that the patient first came into the clinic with.


The second phase is all about integrating movement and mobility exercises into the process.

Our bodies are designed to move fluidly and perform basic functions with ease and strength, the ability to move freely and with ease is called mobility.

Mobility is not to be confused with flexibility; people who can bend easily can’t necessarily perform simple tasks with balance, coordination and strength so integrating this into the process forms an important function in the RISE process.


Incorporating core stability exercises plays an important role in the mobility and strength phase of rehabilitation.

If your core is strong you are less likely to get pain in your back, arms or legs.  If your muscles work well together around your trunk it is easier to sit, stand, walk, run etc.

This is where Sanchez will work with you in the rehabilitation gym, utilising the Functional Movement Screen in order to prescribe the correct exercises.


The final stage is to take you beyond where you were prior to your first visit to the clinic. By taking advantage of services such as Nutritional Therapy, Sports Massage, Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation, Mindfulness and even Pilates.

It is our mission to get you to RISE to a healthier you.

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Make sure you watch our latest video where clinic owner James Everett discusses the RISE process and how it has already helped many people achieve a better level of health and fitness.