What a Chiropractor Really Does! It’s not all Treating Backs You Know

What does a chiropractor really do

What does a chiropractor really do? It is a question that is asked more often than you may think, however, we are here to debunk the myth that it is all about treating backs.

Although that is sometimes true, the journey a chiropractor takes with their patients is a lot more in-depth than you may realise and involves so much more than just dealing with back pain.

The journey starts at the beginning with the history taking. The story of the patient is paramount to fully understanding how the patient came to suffer their ailment.

Once we have got a good grasp of the patient’s previous injuries etc, the goal is then to ensure that the true nature of their current condition is correctly diagnosed. This can range from anything such as joint problems, muscle problems or ligaments issues in the body.

Now we know the true cause of the problem, the treatment can begin. The chiropractor will explain the necessary treatment steps and book in the first session to get him/her back on the road to recovery effectively and efficiently.

The manual therapy part of the treatment is designed to improve the patient’s mechanics. From here they are able to move onto exercises to increase strength, endurance and athleticism (this is not just for the athletes!).

But wait, it does not end there! Nutrition advice, Mindfulness courses, Sports Massage and even Pilates classes are something the team at Camberley Chiropractic Clinic can offer all in one location.  These ensure that the body is functioning as well as it possibly can and is critical for long term recovery from an injury.

Regular supportive care visits with your chiropractor is also recommended because as the saying goes ‘prevention is always better than the cure’.

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