‘Chiropractors – they treat backs, don’t they?’

‘Chiropractors – they treat backs, don’t they?’

How often did I hear this during my years of training, when I told people what I was studying at university?
There were others who confused chiropractors with chiropodists. ‘Feet, isn’t it?’
It’s true: we do treat backs. And feet. And so much more.

An elbow that twinges every time you pick up your grandchild, swing a golf club or carry your shopping to the car? A knee that reminds you of that fall you once had, every time you climb the stairs? A shoulder that doesn’t let you do your favourite exercise any more, or wakes you whenever you roll over in bed? Even symptoms that are not obviously musculoskeletal – dizziness or headaches that refuse to respond to the usual treatments – may be linked to an issue elsewhere in the body, of which you are perhaps not even aware.

Chiropractors don’t peddle snake oil and miracle cures; if a patient needs to be referred to a different health professional, we are trained to recognise as much. We are here, above all else, to help.

Why not come and see what Chiropractic can do for you?

Written by Alex James DC.