We are still here to help!

The British Chiropractic Association has advised us that we are clear to stay open during lockdown.

The government has listed Chiropractic within the essential service list, so we have the green light to continue to help you with your aches and pains.

After the first lockdown was eased, we implemented a comprehensive and robust protocol, to ensure that we were able to provide a safe environment for our team and anyone entering the clinic. This virus is not going away anytime soon, so we have been and will continue to, regularly refine and enhance our safety protocols.

What are we doing to reduce risk?

  1. Your chiropractor wears full, single use, PPE (as defined by the General Chiropractic Council) from the point of meeting you at your car to the point you are taken out to reception at the end of your appointment.
  2. We take everyone’s temperature before entering the building and give out hand sanitiser.
  3. The majority of potential contact points have been removed. This means that you will only need to touch the treatment bench, which is cleaned after every treatment.
  4. Our fantastic reception team diligently cleans the communal areas of the clinic and identified ‘at risk’ contact points, such as the stair hand rails, regularly throughout the day.
  5. One of the team will escort you into and out of the building, which helps us to prevent crossing over on the stairs and maintain social distancing. We have also placed stickers on the floor to mark where to stand in the reception area.
  6. The contactless payment limit was increased to £45, which covers the majority of our fees. Remember that Apple Pay has a £10,000 limit, so if you have the ability to pay that way, you will never need to touch the keypad.
  7. We have been emailing out appointment receipts for those of you who are claiming back through health insurance.

What can you do to help us maintain our high standards?

  1. Continue to always wear a face mask into the building and keep it on throughout your visit.
  2. Do Not enter the building on your own. Your Chiropractor will come and collect you from your car, take your temperature and give you hand sanitiser before escorting you into the building. This also helps us to limit the number of people in the building.
  3. Do Not touch any door handles. We will open all doors for you and if you need to hold a door open use your elbow or foot.
  4. Please listen to and follow any instructions given by a team member, this is ultimately for everyone’s safety.

We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic soon and stay safe everyone.

Remember we will get through this!

James and the team